Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet
Santorini Faucet

Santorini Faucet

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We believe elegant bathrooms deserve elegant faucets. The Santorini and Sorrento faucet designs from iTaps fit the bill perfectly.

Easy to use with simple sensor buttons to control on/off, water flow pressure and temperature (10-45 deg).

The touch sensitive LCD screen also displays the date, time, pressure level and of course, the temperature of the water passing through the faucet. Temperature is also displayed by colour which backlights the display in Blue(-cold), Purple(-warm) and Red(-hot).

The clever built-in timer also allows you to set how long the faucet will flow for before turning off automatically, ideal for overflow prevention and child friendly.

Internal batteries ensure that you can still continue to use your tap as normal during  periods of power cuts etc.

Other key benefits include improved hygiene, accurate water temperature readings on sight and automatic shutoff when the water temperature gets too hot.



What's in the box:

Everything you need is in the box! Protective foam with shaped inserts for all the quality components ensures you receive your iTap in perfect condition. 

You will receive the iTap Faucet, a digital mixer unit, flexible pipe (from faucet to digital mixer) and fixings.

Product Dimensions (approx): 140.5mm x 169mm (see pictures)

Weight (of tap only): 1.1kg

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