(Fitting instructions for iTaps Monte Carlo, Sorrento and Santorini models) 

How To Fit Your iTap 

Replacing a tap is a quick and straightforward job you can carry out by yourself, no matter if you’re new to DIY projects or an experienced renovator. Following the instructions below will allow you to enjoy your modern bathroom or kitchen as soon as possible. If you have any concerns about fitting your iTap securely, however, or you simply want a professional opinion, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional plumber. 

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What you’ll need: 

  • iTaps faucet (included)
  • Digital mixer unit (included)
  • Flexible pipe (included)
  • Fixings (included)
  • Adjustable wrench 
  • Bucket and sponge


Step One: Turn your water off

The very first step to fitting your new tap is to switch the water off at the mains or isolator valve under your sink. Once you’ve done this, turn the tap until it runs dry to make sure any water left in the system is flushed out.

Step Two: Remove your old tap 

To remove your old tap, undo the nut that connects the faucet with the connecting pipes. This is usually found under the sink and can be difficult to reach, so you’ll likely need a wrench to unscrew it. If necessary, wipe down the pipes and sink area to keep your new iTap as clean and hygienic as possible. 

Step Three: Mount your new iTap 

Next, place your iTap on top of the sink and carefully lower the connecting pipe and power supply through the hole for your faucet. Use the fixings provided with your iTap to make sure the faucet is tight and securely fixed underneath the tap hole.

Step Four: Position the digital mixer

Once the faucet is in position, place your digital mixer unit either under the sink or in an adjoining cupboard if possible. Bear in mind that your unit will need to be in reach of a plug socket, too. 

Step Five: Connect the faucet to the digital mixer

Using the flexi-pipe supplied with your iTap, you now need to connect the faucet to the digital mixer unit. Screw the connecting pipe carefully to each side, using a wrench for added security if you need to tighten up the fixings.  

Step Six: Screw in your hot and cold pipes

Next up, connect your hot and cold copper pipes to your digital mixer unit. We’d recommend using flexible pipes if possible at this stage, but your existing pipes can also work perfectly if preferred. 

Step Seven: Connect your iTap to a power source

For your digital iTap to offer the desired features, you’ll need a power source close by, either under your sink unit, in an adjoining cupboard or on the wall next to the sink. Fit the 3-pin plug into the socket, and you’ll be almost ready to begin using your tap. 

Step Eight: Inspect for any leaks 

The final step to fitting your modern iTap is to check for any potential leaks or gaps between your pipes and faucet. To do this, switch the water back on at the mains, and run the tap slowly to identify and catch any unexpected drips or leaks. 

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