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About iTaps 

Here at iTaps, we have a vision of bringing the future to bathrooms and kitchens across the country with our range of smart taps. We're a family run British business and brand, offering the only digital LCD display interface and electronically controlled taps available in the UK. Our luxurious products reinvent the standard tap experience through the combination of digital features and a sleek design.  


 Our products

With our products, you can minimise your home’s water wastage by setting a timer, so the water flow automatically turns off after a specific interval, and by managing the water flow through the LCD touch-sensitive screen.

 The taps are also completely child-friendly as you can prevent water overfill and accurately control the temperature to ensure it doesn’t get too hot. The smart taps even improve hygiene with the use of sensory buttons to turn on and off, reducing the need for excessive physical contact.

As electronic valves control the water supply instead of moving handles, there is significantly less wear to these parts over time, preventing the dreaded dripping tap and that feeling of worn or loose controls.

 As well as smart taps, we offer digital shower control panels so you can precisely manage the temperature and water pressure of your shower, achieving the perfect washing experience without having to replace your current fixture.


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We’re passionate about providing excellent customer service and aftercare to ensure a seamless buying experience. Discover the iTaps range and get in touch if you have any questions.